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Women's Studies major and a History Minor. Now I'm back home (NYC), working part-time at a school, trying to party/rave/dance, and trying to be happy with who I am as I am. My current interests revolve around xicanism, womanism, EDM (Major Lazer, Skrillex, Hardwell, Headhunterz, Calvin, etc.,) and Frida Kahlo.

I always play women I would date.

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Rocky Mountain NP, Colorado


Rocky Mountain NP, Colorado

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White privilege is your history being taught as a core class and mine being taught as an elective. 

please let them know.

white privilege is your history being taught as a core class, and mine being banned because it would promote "the overthrow of the U.S. government, foster racial resentment, and advocate ethnic solidarity."

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My favorite part of going to the LACMA was the Latin American Exhibit. It was so amazing to see the art produced by my ancestors and Mexican people like Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. But to see the caliber of work coming from Mexico that you never learn in public school is astonishing. I never knew until I went how exquisite and breathe taking the art work is. If you are Mexican@, Chican@ and Latin@ you should go to the LACMA in Los Angeles and see this exhibit!

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Diez razones para visitar Puebla.

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